International Handball Federation Awards, part 1

The International Handball Federation (IHF) issues awards to organizations and individuals to recognize their particular contribution to the development of handball and the IHF.

These are the available awards:

Hans Baumann Trophy

The Hand Baumann Trophy is named after Hans Baumann who served as president of the IHF from 1950 to 1971. The trophy was endowed by the Spanish members of the IHF and is awarded to an IHF member federation every two years. Recipients are awarded for their particular service to the development and spread of handball in their own country and/or in other parts of the world.

The recipient of the Hand Bauman Trophy is selected by the IHF Council at the recommendation of the Executive Committee. Member federations can submit their recommendations to the Head Office.

The award ceremony takes place at the Ordinary Congress of the IHF where the recipient is given a diploma and small replica of the trophy.

IHF Cup of Honour and certificate

The IHF Cup of Honour and a corresponding certificate can be awarded to international federations, national federations and individuals. The recipient is selected by the Executive Committee. During the award ceremony, the cup and the certificate is handed out by the IHF President.

The Cup of Honour recognized extraordinary contributions to the development of handball.

IHF Plaque of Merit

The Plaque of Merit is only given to institutions and organizations outside the IHF. There are two plaques of merit: The Gold Plaque of Merit and The Silver Plaque of Merit. Member federations, continental federations, the Council, and the Executive Committee are all entitled to suggest recipients for gold and silver plaques, but the decision is ultimately made by the Council.

IHF Certificate of Merit

The IHF Certificate of Merit is only given to individuals (not organizations or institutions) and those individuals must be working outside the IHF. The certificate recognizes an individual's particular contribution to the promotion of handball.

The recipient is selected by the Council at the recommendation of the Executive Committee. The certificate is signed by the IHF President and handed out by the IHF president or the president's representative.

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